Verdict: Genius Subject to appeal

Translated by Colin McGourty December 2013, Switzerland, the small town of Wohlen not far from Zurich, 13:02 local time. In the canteen of the local old people’s clinic twenty or so patients are wearily watching us – a group of three people arrived from Moscow….

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Everything you always wanted to know about Wijk aan Zee…*

*…but were afraid to ask! Translated by Colin McGourty Who’s going to win the main tournament? A question that’s of course of interest to everyone: the organisers, journalists, spectators – those placing bets and the rest – and the players themselves, their girlfriends and friends…

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Fabiano Caruana: “It’s possible!”

The world no. 2 on the match in Sochi, his triumph in St. Louis, his plans for the future and much more… Text by Vlad Tkachiev Translated by Colin McGourty Photos by Irina Stepanyuk V.T.: Fabiano, what happened today in the 11th game? F.C.: Anand…

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The last gamble

Translated by Colin McGourty Red,Black&White Is Anand even planning a comeback? Where’s the aggression that would require? Why do the queens leave the board at the first opportunity? Is it more important for him to regain the title or to show the whole world that…

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Worse than a crime?

Translated by Colin McGourty (Halfway through the Carlsen-Anand match) “It was worse than a crime; it was a blunder,” said a confidant of Napoleon’s about the murder on 21 March 1804 of the Duke of Enghien. The essence of that phrase is that what mattered…

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Magnus the wandering cowboy

Translated by Colin McGourty (Based on 1/3 of the Carlsen-Anand match) Flashback no. 1: October-November 2000, the Kasparov-Kramnik match After encountering a novelty on move 11 of the Grünfeld Defence in Game 2, Kasparov lost and then never returned to the opening — one of…

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The Prague Astronomical Clock

Translated by Colin McGourty (Impressions evoked by the second game of the Carlsen — Anand match) What does chess develop first and foremost: logic, calculation, creative faculties as a whole or at least perseverance in particular? Clearly none of the above, since opposite-coloured bishop endgames…

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Translated by Colin McGourty (A gastro-commentary on the first game of the Carlsen-Anand match) Today, the 9th November, saw the birth of Mikhail Tal. And it was also on this day in 1985 that Garry Kasparov became World Champion, defeating Karpov in the epic 24th…

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Translated by Colin McGourty Part 1. Dialectics Nothing of interest is going to happen in Sochi in November. The outgoing generation will get beaten up by the new. A humiliating scoreline. A general feeling of hopelessness. In short, a miserable spectacle. Heck, it’s simple dialectics!…

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Chess, money and two smoking barrels

Translated by Colin McGourty 5-move retrograde analysis. The Opening Ceremony of the Carlsen-Anand match will be held in Sochi on the 7th November. That sounds trite, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, there’s more to it than that. Two months earlier the chess world was almost…

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